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Christine Eidson, AmSAT Certified, opened The Alexander Learning Studio in early 2005. She is certified to teach the Alexander Technique through AmSAT (the American Society for the Alexander Technique). AmSAT offers the most stringent standards of teaching certification available in the U.S. today. Certification is granted after completion of a three year, 1,600 hour training program. Christine is also very committed to her continuing education as a teacher.

Christine has been teaching the Alexander Technique professionally and full-time for 17 years. She is dedicated to her pupils' success. She has worked with both adults and teenagers. Her pupils include business professionals, musicians, singers and actors.

Christine started studying the Technique back in 2001 in order to relieve the disabling repetitive stress injury she contracted in both arms while working as an internet graphic designer. Before becoming an Alexander teacher, she had the chance to work on Canon's and Reuters' websites.

"My goal is to help others discover how they too can regain their natural poise and well-being. I am always looking forward to sharing my passion for the Alexander Technique with others", Christine says. Call her at 503-643-9339 to make your appointment today.

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