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Alexander with children of his elementary school
About the Alexander Technique

Is the Alexander Technique for me?

Because the Alexander Technique indirectly influences our health and well-being and the ease with which we perform our day-to-day activities, people of all ages and walks of life can benefit from lessons.

Although Alexander teachers are not doctors and do not diagnose or treat conditions, the principles they teach often help relieve or alleviate pain, postural, stress, neuromuscular and other problems. These issues indeed frequently appear as a consequence of the poor way in which we use ourselves.

When no problem has developed, the Alexander Technique can be studied preventively, as an aid in increasing our skills and talents. Whether we operate a computer, give a speech or run a marathon, the Alexander Technique facilitates our daily tasks by teaching us how to approach them intelligently.

As a result, studying the Alexander Technique helps us gain a higher knowledge of ourselves. To some, this is the most important benefit.

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