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Alexander with children of his elementary school
About the Alexander Technique

What the Alexander Technique is like

Most pupils agree that the Alexander Technique is a very unique educational discipline that is not easily compared to any other. Unlike treatments, cures, bodywork methods or exercise programs, the Alexander Technique does not focus on remediating or alleviating physical or mental problems directly. Instead, the Alexander Technique re-educates each pupil in the way they use themselves as an undividable, individual whole.

Progressively, the pupil becomes self-sufficient and starts applying what s/he has learned in their lessons to their everyday life. At this point, pupils interact more confidently and gracefully with their environment and unnecessary tensions are prevented before problems can occur. Full height is achieved and previous physical and performance issues subside or disappear.

Although these effects may be why many pupils turn to the Alexander Technique in the first place, pupils also end up increasing their level of awareness and self-knowledge.

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