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Alexander with children of his elementary school
About the Alexander Technique

How we can help ourselves with the Alexander Technique

Do we get in the way of our poise and well-being?
Our work progress is slowed to a crawl because we cannot prevent our attention from wandering from sideline to sideline. We dropped something on the ground and our back and knees are aching as we fight gravity to come back to standing. We labor over our computer, trying to meet that deadline, but our shoulders are tight and burning pain shoots through our wrists.

Most of us go through similar experiences everyday. Yet should everything we engage in require that much effort? Or can we learn to control our habits consciously and allow change to happen, thereby restoring effortless poise and well-being within ourselves?

The Alexander Technique offers us a choice
As people, we engage in so many different activities -chatting on the phone, using power tools, brushing our teeth, singing, playing golf, writing, flying airplanes. The list is endless. Yet no matter how simple or complex our day-to-day tasks, for over 100 years the Alexander Technique has shown us how to keep track of what we do with ourselves -our use- as we are working to reach our goals.

By taking good care of ourselves as we act, we learn to downplay the end-result and pay more attention to the steps required to get where we are going.

Our harmful habits disappear in the process of changing our reaction to the demands that life puts on us. We find more pleasure in what we do. Learning becomes easier and more fun. Our movements are freer and lighter. Our general functioning improves, even if we are suffering from old or not-so-old health problems. Our overall happiness and well-being increase.

The Alexander Technique puts all this within our reach -not by teaching us how to do it, but by helping us to stop repeating the habits that keep us from achieving our full potential.

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